• Choice Rewards

    Choice Rewards

    Introducing Choice Family Pharmacy Customer Rewards! We are now offering our customers a frequent shopper rewards program. You earn a point for every dollar spent on regularly priced, over the counter merchandise. When you’ve earned 100 points you can redeem them for $5 off any non-prescription purchase. It’s that simple! Stop in and sign upRead more

  • Do you suffer from frequent heartburn or gastric reflux?

    Do you suffer from frequent heartburn or gastric reflux?

    Are you tired of having frequent, painful episodes? At Choice Family Pharmacy we have several great over the counter options to treat and prevent heartburn. Our pharmacists are specially trained to discuss ways to prevent symptoms as well. Stop in or give us a call for more information.Read more

  • Medication Sync & Bubble Pack Programs

    Medication Sync & Bubble Pack Programs

    Do you or a family member have trouble remembering to take your medication at the right time every day? At Choice Family Pharmacy we offer a convenient solution to that problem. Call us today to ask about our medication sync and bubble pack programs and never miss a dose again.Read more

  • Healthy Eating Tips

    Healthy Eating Tips

    Eat eggs – studies show that eating eggs for breakfast can result in eating 330 fewer calories per day. Drink plenty of water – it will make you feel full. Coffee can boost your metabolism and suppress hunger. Fruits and nuts are full of fiber and protein and can make you feel fuller longer. Don’tRead more

  • Phase 2 Naval Spray for COVID

    Phase 2 Naval Spray for COVID

    Early data from a Phase 2 trial in the UK shows that a nitric oxide nasal spray can decrease viral load in COVID-19 positive patients by 95% in one day and 99% over three days. This has the potential to be a breakthrough in managing COVID-19 infections. Higher viral load is associated with worse clinicalRead more

  • Magnesium


    Did you know that 2.5 to 15% of the US population has some form of magnesium deficiency? Low magnesium is caused by insufficient dietary intake as well as losses through the kidneys and digestive tract, sometimes as a result of prescription medications or alcoholism. Low magnesium can lead to metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, andRead more

  • Infant Compounding

    Infant Compounding

    Did you know Choice Family Pharmacy can make medications for the smallest members of your family? Infants have unique medical needs that we can meet with compounded prescriptions. We can prepare compounds to treat diaper rash, acid reflux, bacterial infections, and many other common conditions. Check with your doctor or with one of our speciallyRead more

  • Spring Tips for Allergies

    Spring Tips for Allergies

    Avoid using window fans and humidifiers when pollen levels are high. Block wind with a mask or scarf when outside. Know your triggers and avoid them. Weeds-late summer, Trees-early spring, Grasses-late spring and early summer, Molds-mid summer. Garden carefully-avoid fertilizers and pesticides and have someone else mow the lawn if possible. Keep an eye onRead more

  • Misleading Facebook Claims about Vaccines

    Misleading Facebook Claims about Vaccines

    Trending doesn’t equal true In a study of over 6500 public posts on Facebook, over 40 percent were found to have false and misleading claims about vaccines. These posts were shared much more often than posts with accurate information, leading to increases in fear and negative perceptions of vaccination in general. When it comes toRead more

  • Statin use for Cholesterol

    Statin use for Cholesterol

    Increased cholesterol can be a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. Statins such as Lipitor, Crestor, and Zocor (atorvastatin, rosuvastatin, and simvastatin) are the most effective and safest choice for most individuals and have been shown to lower cholesterol levels by as much as 60%. However, up to 10 percent of patients discontinue statins due toRead more